Friday, October 3, 2014


L-R back row
Berenice Underwood, Pam Jerabeck, Mariko Irving, Bailey Burgess, Nikki Fletcher, Andrea Keller
L-R front row
Kala Ward, Sara Glawe, Kristine Matlock (and Gideon), Huguette Carrasco

Our Home, a Bed and Breakfast

Our last class of the term is always bitter sweet. Our hearts have grown close as we have shared cooking skills and life stories. The aromas from the kitchen have created a weekly gathering out side the kitchen door just waiting for a tasting of the days new recipes. 
In todays study we learn of our responsibility of hospitality to ministers and missionaries and how through this sharing of hospitality we partner with them in the work. We share ideas about how to make guest welcome and comfortable in our home. Our homes become a "Bed and Breakfast" for those working to share the gospel. Today's project was to prepare different types of breakfast food for our families and traveling guests.

Breakfast Pizza

90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls

 Apple Dumplings

Southern Cornbread Egg Casserole

Our last time in the kitchen together sharing these wonder breakfast dishes.

Thank you, ladies. It has been a pleasure breaking bread with you.