Friday, February 29, 2008

Food Preservation

Preserving summers bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables can be a real blessing in the cold winter months. Making Jams and Jellies has taught us that preserving food does not have to be difficult. Having friends in the kitchen makes memories and builds relationships. Not to mention what a delight it is to have a special gifts to share with others that has been prepared in your own kitchen.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Stretching our food budget.

When having guest over we often need to stretch our meals to feed a few more. We can still provide visually appealing and wonderfully delicious dishes on a limited budget with a little planning. Having the base of the dish prepared in the freezer cuts down of the meal prep time and gives us more time with our guest and our family. In our cooking session we prepared several flavorful and diverse dishes from a couple of chickens. Move your mouse over the photos for the names of the dishes we prepared.

Friday, February 15, 2008


What fun it is to look around our house to find new and creative tablescapes. Our table decor can reflect our personality or memories of trips we have taken, gifts that we have received from those who love us, or special collections of just about anything. I have seen quilts and scarves, photos and trinkets, rocks and shells, candles and books, and the list never ends. If it is in your home it could possibly be used to embellish your table. Table decor can be great conversation starters. I always enjoy learning more about my Host by the items she places on her table.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bean with Herbs

One of the best ways to try different types of herbs are with vegetables that often seem plain served by themselves. Adding different herbs can completely change the outcome of a dish. I have often heard people say they did not like beans. Maybe they just have not found the right combination that appeals to their pallet. The great variety of choices available make it impossible to know if you really do not like the taste or texture until your have tried them all. We probably have a lifetime of trying different combinations before we have tasted them all. So start experimenting!!!


I always get excited when we get to share about the many different types of beans, legumes and grains. God in his wisdom has given us a beautiful mosaic of wonderful, colorful, flavorful beans and grains. All around the world there are regional favorites. In our United States we probably have more varieties than we will have opportunities to taste them. If you do not think you care for a particular variety do not give up on it until you have tasted it prepared in a variety of ways. Then move on to other varieties. It it truly an adventure for the human pallet.

Our class explored different ways of cooking and preparing beans. Dried, canned or frozen they provide an affordable and convenient staple to our diet. The dishes we prepared included: Campfire Beans, Tex Mex Black Bean Wraps, Tuscan Bean Soup with Sage, and White Beans with Rosemary. The recipe for Tex Mex Bean Wrap can be found in an earlier post.