Sunday, October 6, 2013

FALL CLASS of 2013

Truly a blessing to work alongside these amazingly precious women.
I know God's people will be blessed by their love and the spreading of gracious hospitality.

 Tabitha, Vicki, Thomascina, Collette, Debby, Kimberly, Jamie (Back row left to right)
Alysha, Jennifer, Eunice, Channetta, Sarah, Mayra (Middle row)
Amy, Kay, Janie, Abbie, Nyasha, June. and Alyssa (not shown) (Front row)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Home a Bed and Breakfast

Getting projects ready for the oven.
Sharing the ovens can sometimes be a challenge. To make recipes fit into our time constraints we must sometimes rotate pans and turn up oven temperatures to get everything onto the table at the same time.
top - Southern Cornbread Egg Casserole
bottom - Apple Dumplings

The beginning of some awesome homemade granola.

Today's Recipe Challenge "Breakfast"

Apple Dumplings

Southern Cornbread Egg Casserole

90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls


Breakfast Pizza
Vegetarian Pizza on the left
Moose Sausage Breakfast Pizza
Yes, you read correctly, the moose sausage was awesome and a first for most of us.
Thank you, Eunice.

Best time of all when we come together and share what we have prepared.

The kitchen has been filled with lots laughter and good times this year.
With 20 women in the kitchen, you can not help but have a good time.